Finding a Solution for PFA’s

toxins in the air

What are PFA’s?

Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, PFA’s—are human-made fluorine toxic compounds that have given us nonstick coatings, polishes, waxes, cleaning products and firefighting foams used at airports and military bases. They are in consumer goods like carpets, wall paint, popcorn bags and water-repellent shoes, and they are essential in the aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, data storage, electronic and healthcare industries.

PFA’s are very stable due to the carbon-fluorine bond and difficult to remove from the environment. In a new article by Environmental Science and Technology, researchers have demonstrated a nano filter that filters out PFA’s from water. PFA’s have been found in the most pristine places on earth. PFA’s have been shown in animal and human studies to have detrimental effects on health.

What you can do to eliminate PFA’s.

Eliminate non-stick coatings on your cooking items. Use natural cleaners whenever possible. Go through your cleaning supplies and eliminate all non-natural agents. Use hard wood for your floors when possible. Some people are more sensitive to these toxins than others. The affects of toxins in your food and environment are accumulative so eliminate as many as possible. Part of the organic acids test, OAT, tests how efficient your body in at eliminating toxins. If you suspect problems detoxifying, an OAT‘s test can determine if this is a problem for you.