What to expect at Midwest Functional Medicine

What to expect

When dealing with chronic illness it is necessary to have a plan and know whay to expect.

Gather information

Fill out the application for functional medicine. It is very detailed. After the doctor reviews your history either the doctor or one of the health coaches will contact you with any further questions they may have.

We should have enough information at this time to have an in person consultation at our office or a video consultation. After the consultation the doctor will know the tests that need to be run. Almost every patient needs three tests at least. These are:

In addition, Other tests may be ordered depending on results of tests.

After the initial tests are evaluated, an individual program is developed for you. This consists of pharmaceutical grade supplements, dietary and lifestyle recommendations. Then a health coach helps you to implement the program.

Since we only accept a limited number of patients, you will get the dedicated personal attention necessary to help patients with chronic problems. You will be able to securely text your doctor or health coach for a quick answer at any time or have an more in depth phone conversation if needed. Welcome to true functional medicine care tailored individually for you by a doctor who takes a functional, holistic approach to your health.

We will immediately start changing your diet before the lab tests come back. After the lab tests are back we can finely tune your diet based on lab tests. For maximum results your pharmaceutical grade supplement are matched to you lab work.

All cases are fee based. There is one fee that covers everything. The one fee covers:

  • Doctors fee
  • Health coach fee
  • Lab tests
  • Nutritional supplementation
  • Any additional lab tests

This fee is determined after the consultation.

If you are ready to conquer your health problem give us a call at 309 663-2423 or fill out the new patient application.

There are answers to your chronic health problems.

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